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About Group Robinson LLC

Founded in 1991, Group Robinson has focused on strategic advisory, assisting in private capital financing assignments, as well as supporting developers of energy projects that rely upon power purchase/offtake agreements and tax incentives to finance their projects. Today our principal focus is on working in-house with management teams to support their financing needs. John Robinson, Group Robinson's Chairman and CEO, has over 30 years of domestic and international advisory and financing experience and personally handles the day-to-day requirements of each assignment. While Group Robinson offers all of the advantages of dealing with a small advisory firm it has, nonetheless, been ranked as high as #1 in Europe and #4 in the world in project finance among all commercial and investment banks.

Group Robinson’s client companies receive specialized financing and advisory services that are tailored to their particular needs, a process which sometimes involves convincing disparate constituencies (including private sector lenders/investors, as well as public entities and multilateral investors) to accept more or greater risks than they have in the past. Over the years, this “push the envelope” attitude has enabled us to develop one-off solutions for our clients that conventional financing wisdom had proclaimed as not feasible. We work closely with top management and, often, their Boards of Directors to facilitate access to capital that will enable these firms to move their business plans and technologies to the next critical milestone. Our assignments can involve a time commitment to companies and projects spanning more than a year and multiple levels of financing in multiple countries. Often our success is measured not in saving our clients a few basis points but rather in closing a financing that otherwise might not have been possible.

Group Robinson has special expertise in advising on financings where there are tax incentives that can lower the cost of capital. Mr. Robinson has handled innovative tax oriented financings—both domestic and international—totaling over $20 billion and covering numerous assets classes. The global tax subsidies, economic incentives for renewable energy companies and projects are complex but afford firms an opportunity to broaden their potential investor base, provide make or break savings critical to the acquisition decision itself, as well as increase the equity retained by the project developers or current company investors post-closing. Our sophisticated tax and cash flow modeling skills are world class and can handle almost any tax-based financing scenario.

Typical advisory assignments vary in size from $20 million to a billion dollars and, in addition to a variety of renewable energy technologies, biotech and clean tech applications; include infrastructure assets, transportation assets (commercial and military aircraft, ships, and rail cars/locomotives), satellites, and mining/drilling projects. Our commitment to provide the highest level of service to our clients, including Mr. Robinson’s involvement in all aspects of the assignment, does not permit us to undertake more than 2 major assignments at any given time.